Don’t build the business – Build the people 

Or if we put this another way – look after the people and they will look after the business.

Whichever way it’s put the message is simple and clear, we have to pay maximum attention to the people that are involved in our business if we want to maximise the success of the business!

Becoming involved requires understanding

 The people we work with need to understand the dreams and aspirations of the business if they are to commit to its success and become personally accountable for their part in that success. We can buy a person’s time, but we cannot buy their hearts. For them to commit fully into the business we need to understand what drives them and motivates them and we need to involve them in the dreams and aspirations of the business.

Understanding requires expert communication!

Getting colleagues involved and creating internal harmony is vital to the success of the business and is only one of the many ways that expert communication will impact the effectiveness and success of the business. Dealing with customers and clients, negotiating with suppliers and external agencies, even recruiting the best people available, all rely for their efficiency and success on expert communication skills and will massively affect the business and its opportunities for success. And yet, how often does this most vital of skills receive the attention it demands?

Gaining expertise requires planning

 The level of communication expertise in any business undoubtedly determines its success. The greater the efficiency of communication, the greater is the efficiency of the business. Improving any expertise requires a planned and strategic approach and results cannot be left simply to chance.

To give any business the best chance for success therefore it is vital that there is a great concentration on communication in all its forms, in all the areas that it impacts – staff, clients, suppliers, indeed everywhere and anywhere that the business touches!

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