People Buy from People – so the saying goes……….

An old fashioned philosophy and, of course, a true one – however, it is also one that is much misused!

For decades we have been trained to get people to like us so they would buy from us – but is this really the point? So called ‘rapport’ building techniques feature in most training courses and are talked about constantly by sales managers but is this sufficient to convince a purchaser to buy from us?

Do people buy from us because they like us or do they need more? Do we need to have their respect, do we need to have their trust and do we need to have their understanding? Of course we do – all that and more besides!

People ONLY buy from people that they trust, respect and can fully understand.

Our style of selling must allow people to build and perfect understanding with us, so they can see that we approach their requirements from their position; that we sell for them not to them.

We must be there to understand the client, to understand his needs, to design the solution that is, first and foremost, correct for him! In other words be there for the client, not for the income it provides.

When our clients understand that we have their interests at the forefront of our intentions – then they will give us their full trust, their full respect – and their business.

Excellent income is a result of excellent service!

Sales income is most often derived from some kind of results-based payment, so it is imperative that we get great results if we want to maximize our income. Great results will only come from knowing, categorically and unequivocally, the client’s needs and ensuring that he also knows his needs. To achieve this we require not only sales skills, not only negotiating skills and not only good rapport skills – but firstly and crucially we need excellent and in depth communication skills.

With excellent communication skills all other skills will be achieved by default and become natural extensions of our normal day-to-day activities.

At Communicate4 we strive to provide knowledge and support to make expert communication skills a part of our normal day, to make sales communication as natural and normal as any other communication interaction. With excellent communication skills our sales interaction will be as natural as any other interaction and, therefore, something that we can practice every day whatever activity we are doing.

The more ordinary, the more natural and the more normal our interaction, then the less stressful and challenging will be the sales processes, and the more trust, respect and understanding will be achieved, with the resultant greater levels of success.

You can access a continual stream of vital knowledge and information of how to increase your sales success through expert communication processes simply by connecting with our regular supply of blogs and articles and whilst you’re here, why not visit our other communication resources to see how to gain the power of expert communication in all areas of your life?