A lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into this career of mine

Kevin Hart

It’s 16th March 2027, today is my 80th birthday and I have received so many wonderful messages I could not help but shed some tears of happiness.
But I have another confession, I am worried about the next ten years, I have so much I want to do!

I’m worried because I have ‘finished’ my project – the one that I started on this day in 2017 – and I simply can’t choose between several more that I want to complete in the next ten years!
But as it is the end of another decade, it’s a good time to recap I think?
Having re-structured my business in mid 2016, I chose my 70th birthday 16th March 2017 to officially push GO on the ‘new’ operation – and it’s been an incredibly exciting and fulfilling 10 years since then!

My reason and mission with the re-structure? To reach as wide an audience as possible with my message – “it’s just not good enough to make sales – we have to create client ambassadors!”
So ten years, three books, hundreds of workshops and talks, and thousands of sales of the award winning ‘Clients for Life’ program later, we have helped over 5000 individuals and businesses discover the real simplicity of selling using fundamental life skills, and grow their personal performance and business success, whilst also avoiding all the usual pressure and anxiety that so many felt before.

I am extremely happy to have given so many people the power to use these simple and massively effective tools and, through them, give their clients and customers a satisfying, pressure free sales experience, that meant they had bought the perfect solution and so could happily recommend their friends and family, becoming ‘Clients for Life’ of those businesses.
One of my early 2017 clients, Tana Plewes of ‘The Discovery Centre for Entrepreneurship’, made a quote in a lightbulb moment, which I’ve remembered ever since, “It’s so different from ordinary sales and marketing. When we get out of our own head and into the clients shoes the whole process becomes so easy!”

So of course, I am wrong – I have no reason to worry! This project will never end, I will simply integrate my new projects into the ‘Clients for Life’ program and push forward to help more and more people reach success in their sales and marketing – selling to make clients and customers happy and satisfied – creating client ambassadors.
So – here’s to the next 10 years and the next 5000 ‘Clients for Life’ of my own. See you on the other side!

P.S. Although written in the future, the messages and the tears are true of today, on my 70th birthday. Thank you so much to everyone that sent messages to me today – I feel truly blessed and could not be in a better place right now!

For details of my books, programs, courses and speaking opportunities, please visit me at willoffen.com or write to me at will@willoffen.com.


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