If you think you can or you think you can’t – you are correct!

This quote is attributed to several people in history, including both Henry Ford and Aristotle. It doesn’t matter who the quotation is attributed to, it is most certainly true.

The power of self-communication

The power to control our thoughts (our selfcommunication) is of paramount importance in every element of our lives: what we attempt, how we attempt or, even if we attempt to do something will depend upon how our minds will perceive the activity. Ultimately the success or failure we enjoy or endure depends on our thoughts and our beliefs.

So where do these thoughts come from? How did they get into our minds? Are they a result of our beliefs, or maybe our beliefs are a result of our thoughts? We know we have both limiting and empowering beliefs, so how can we ensure that we have an abundance of the good and a shortage of the bad? It is indisputable that our thoughts command our actions, but the question is, are we in control of those thoughts? How can we indeed build our lives and determine our successes without the handicap of fighting against an internal influence that is so powerful?

It is a question of selfcommunication, expert SelfCommunication!