5 Incredible Benefits of ‘it’ and Why We Don’t Get Them!

Some know about ‘it’. Some talk about ‘it’. Some even try to practice ‘it’. 

‘it’ is a massive contributory factor to real sales success and ‘it’ is not used to any effect by the vast majority of salespeople.

So, what exactly is ‘it’?

I’ve seen ‘it’ described as a theory, a technique or even an attitude. Most often ‘it’ is simplified in description as ‘Client Centric Selling’, which neatly pigeonholes ‘it’ as of some kind of latest ‘fad’, new age philosophy or something similar.

Whatever the description however, most totally undervalue ‘it’s powerful impact on sales effectiveness, and consequently, on the success and growth for any business that has customers or clients! Indeed, it is so powerful, it should be the foundation strategy for any salesperson that wishes to maximise success for themselves and the business they represent.

Accurately defined, ‘it’ is a deep and concentrated focus on client/customer needs at the point of sale, and let’s be sure to understand what, “deep and concentrated” really means.

It means it’s an overriding concentration, superior to all other considerations!

Now, I realize that this statement might cause argument with many sales ‘experts’ There is much debate on the most important element in a sales process; product knowledge, closing skills, rapport building etc. it’s a long-held argument, but here’s the point!

Knowing what the customer really wants, how he actually perceives and understands that – and how he wants to buy it, is fundamental in creating the most effective atmosphere in which to use the other skills. Creating this atmosphere therefore, must be the most powerful route to a successful outcome of the sales procedure.

Win-Win Results

Of course, success is relative! Many salespeople and business owners believe money and income are the only measures of success and give precious little, if any consideration to the actual and real needs of their clients.

As an example, I read an article recently that spoke of the virtues of client centric selling but then went on to describe it as somewhat idealistic and impracticable. This, not unusual approach, considers there is somehow a direct competition between the client’s needs and the salesperson’s, that where one gains, the other loses? That the sales process is some kind of battle between the client and salesperson and should be designed to override the client’s beliefs, overcome all his objections and “close him” to “make him buy”– really?

If that sounds farfetched, you will find these ‘principles’ expounded in sales training courses in companies all over the world! The majority of sales training that I’ve observed focus on overcoming objections and the use of closing skills and pays precious little attention on communicating with the customer to uncover and understand the client’s real needs in order to create and present the ideal solution – a solution the client actually understands and wants to buy. Now there’s a novel thought!

The article went on to say that there is no way that salespeople can be convinced to be client centric and that “selling has always been this way, and always will be”. (I am a little guilty of paraphrasing here, but this is the undoubted essence of the summary of the article).

Well thankfully, this is not true. All that is needed to turn bad sales into good sales is an understanding of the real value of client centric selling and the massive benefits that exist in its practice, for both salespeople and their companies.

How about these 5 for salespeople:

  1. Superior client acquisition levels
  2. Significantly higher value sales
  3. Reduced point-of-sale stress.
  4. Extremely high-quality enquiry flows
  5. Supremely high referral levels.

And these for companies:

  1. Substantially reduced marketing spends.
  2. Seriously improved sales team retention.
  3. High levels of client satisfaction – low levels of complaints.
  4. Highly improved business stability.
  5. Significantly better bottom line profits.

Surely, all benefits worth the effort, so just what prevents salespeople, managers and companies from capitalising on such valuable benefits?

A Vital Focus – Success Guaranteed!

The answers to this mystery lay mostly in attitudes and habits. In this, there is some truth in the summary of the aforementioned article, “selling has always been this way, and always will be”! However, “always will be” is wholly a matter of choice – those salespeople and companies that want to, can make the effort, and by doing so will reap the rewards.

Companies and salespeople concentrate mostly on their need for income and profits. Misguided and misplaced pressure, motivation and incentives are used to create short term results that reflect instant success in the drive for this income and profits, overriding any focus on client’s satisfaction and wellbeing. Ironically however, it is precisely this concentration and drive that creates the biggest barriers to obtain it.

Of course, a drive for success is a vital component of any organisation. That drive however, must have the right focus – achieving client satisfaction. By that, I mean genuine, exceptional, extraordinary client satisfaction. Nothing less.

Income and profits are a natural by-product of client satisfaction. Outstanding income and profits are a by-product of outstanding client satisfaction.

Achieve this, and income and profits happen automatically and grow exponentially – it’s guaranteed!

Will Offen is a sales performance strategist, helping companies worldwide expand, improve and repair their sales businesses and create ‘Highly Effective Sales’, achieving success through high impact client satisfaction!

 Visit; www.willoffen.com and discover the power and benefits of Highly Effective Sales.