Wherever we are in a year we still have the opportunity to put away what we don’t want and look forward to replacing this with what we do want.

Out with the old and in with the new.

As we get further into the new year we become increasingly aware that there are resolutions on which we are still procrastinating; consciously communicating with yourself, you will try for a couple of months and then put them back in the distant realms of your memory, ready to regurgitate next year!

A bit negative? Of course, but how true? We go through this communication game every year! Well this year may be different, and if we keep trying every year, one resolution is bound to stick – eventually. In any event does it matter if we have good intentions. Through these intentions we keep communicating with ourselves that we will make positive changes in our life.

At Communicate4 we know the excuses will always let us off the hook.

We tell us ourselves, through our self communication that we should go back to the bad habit we said we wanted to change, or convince ourselves that the improvement we want to make to ourselves is not really that important or worth the effort!

OK – maybe it’s time to make some real resolutions. Let’s start with one great one that will make a difference, that we can concentrate on and in to which we can put super human effort so that we will succeed!

Here’s a suggestion from the team at Communicate4

What about starting with a resolution that will maximise your opportunities for absolute success? One that will make every other resolution possible because it will set up your thought (communication) pattern not to accept failure – the resolution that from this minute on you are going to practise great and expert internal communication.

practice great communication skillsWhat about, if you knew that what you are going to attempt is bound to succeed – how much would you attempt? What if you are sure of your value to others in this life – how much more would you offer to them? What if you knew how others respected and liked you – how soon would you stop defensive arguments?

So here’s the resolution: “this year I am going to become aware of, and learn about, self communication and of its massive impact on my life.”

And check out the Optimist’s Creed above.