Have you ever considered…….?

Have you ever considered the way in which we communicate with the many people with whom we come into contact every day?

Have you ever considered the way in which we communicate with ourselves each minute of every day and the massive impact this communication has on us?

At Communicate4 we know this communication determines the very course of our lives and the social, domestic and career success we enjoy.

It is without doubt the most important single element in our mix of life skills, well recorded as being infinitely more powerful than any other skill.

Accidental Skill?

And yet, where do we learn these skills?  Indeed do we actually ‘learn’ them?

young boys tin can comm

There are few, if any, formal courses, degrees or recognised qualifications in colleges or universities worldwide. Of course we learn some of the elements, like language, words, spelling etc. but not the real in-depth elements that really shape our overall results.

The majority of us go through life believing that our communication skills are pre-determined, a matter of programming perhaps, or just a fait accompli!

Communicate4 is here to help you gain success in your life by achieving in-depth interaction skills with everyone with whom you have contact and in every situation. At Communicate4 we believe that the most vital element of personal success is how we influence the outcome of all our interactions to achieve the outcome we require.

We need to be skilled in all elements of communication – internal, external, visual, verbal, outward and inward and in all areas of life; social, domestic and business.

Simple IOC

We believe these skills begin with a simple starting point – awareness of something we call Intentional Outcome Communication – IOC.  Simply knowing that such a thing exists and developing the desire to practice it will transform our opportunity for success in all areas of our lives.

Definable Resource

This site is a resource of information. We will continually build this information so that we give our subscribers and readers answers to the many interaction challenges that arise on a daily basis. As this site develops – which will be greatly influenced by you – the information will be tailored to specific areas such as: communicate4self, communicate2sell and communicate4 business and within these will be help with specific challenges that happen to us on a daily basis: family and workplace disputes, teamwork, interview success, dealing with difficult people and much more.

Just becoming aware of the existence of the many and varied elements of communication can greatly improve our opportunities for success in all areas of life – we owe it to ourselves, therefore, to seek out as much information as we can to go after those opportunities!