There is an old saying; “People Buy from People”. Old and nonetheless true – but what exactly does it mean?
So-called ‘rapport’ building techniques are a prominent feature in most training courses and are promoted constantly by sales managers and the like, but is this getting to the heart of what is meant by the saying?
Do people take advice from a consultant, or do business with a salesperson, because they like them, or is there more to it than that? How deep does the feeling need to be? Does it also involve respect, trust and understanding? Of course – all that, and much more besides.

The Two Way Street!

To be fully effective, therefore, the selling process must build a two-way understanding, so the prospect can feel that we have taken great care to find and fully understand their needs and requirements, including how they like to communicate and interact.
(Don’t get me wrong, I wholeheartedly believe in the need for technical selling skills, but they should be used for the client, not against them.)
When our clients truly feel and understand that we have their interests at the forefront of our intentions – then they will give us their full trust, their full respect – and their business.
Sales income is most often derived from some kind of results-based payment. However, allowing our income to be the criteria of success and the major focus, puts our agenda at the forefront of our mind, neglecting the most vital and valuable element in the process, the deep understanding of how, what and why he will choose us to supply our product or service.

Achieving Great Sales Results!

A great sales result is one where a client feels completely satisfied and happy with his decision, does not feel as though he has been ‘sold’ to and will talk positively to his friends and acquaintances about the process and his purchase. Great sales results turn prospects into ambassadors and high value lead generators.
Great sales results come not only from truly knowing the client’s needs, they come from also ensuring that he knows his needs. To achieve this, we require not only technical sales and negotiating skills, firstly and crucially, we need to have full engagement with the client, which requires excellent and in-depth interaction skills.
The more advanced our interaction skills become, the more natural and normal, and the less stressful and challenging will be the sales process for both sides. The more trust, respect and understanding that is achieved, the greater will be the levels of success.

Interact > Engage > Influence!

To Interact effectively with a prospect results in total Engagement and the power to Influence his decisions. By far and above the most direct and effective way to build quality sales and long term success!
Truth be known – we all have the abilities within us to achieve this outcome, most are just not aware of either the presence or the use of these abilities!

Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

Theodore Roosevelt


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